Scott Cunningham Band

Scott Cinnungham Band

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Our new CD called “Come Away” includes a number of songs that my daughters and I have been writing over the last two years. It has been a privilege to serve with them and the other amazing guys on the team (Neil Godding -drums, Darren Plies -bass, Landon Bailey -elec G and other guys that rotate in)

The theme of the CD emerged after we started getting the mixes back and listening through the songs and realized that there had been a running theme throughout the lyrics of many of the songs. Phrases like “draw near” and “come away” seemed to be reoccurring in many of the songs the Lord has given us over the last few years.

As I look back I can say that it has been something the Lord has been constantly reminding me of in my personal life. And it’s something we will never grow out of. It’s as if the Lord knew I needed some personal song reminders so I would make sure and set aside significant time to hear Him speak and know His will. It could be in part because the older I get the more busy life seems to get and the more challenging it seems to be to carve out the time to be still and listen… to come away and pray… to draw near and rest in His grace and love. And believe me, with five daughters, quiet time can be hard to come by! Everything seems to fight against it, and I feel the struggle in myself as I often want to just do do do, and go go go and try to fix things myself. It’s so freeing and refreshing when I can cast those burdens on the Lord, ask for strength and grace for the needs of the day and the things on my heart, and be strengthened by the Word of God as He speaks to me there.


2 Cor 2:14