Savannah Moon


First and foremost, I’m a girl who loves Jesus. I’m also a girl who loves words, particularly written words. My lyricism is a way for me to communicate what is meaningful to me, and to work through the things which God is progressively revealing to me, in the most concise way I can manage. I’ve always loved music, I’ve always loved singing. I can’t say it’s something that’s always loved me. Artistry is something I’ve wrestled to grow into, and I’m convinced that many of the things which may seem unique about my vocal style and songwriting have been developed to make up for that which I was lacking, in a conventional sense.

I’ve been writing songs for almost 15 years, and when people ask me what “style” of music I sing, I just tell them I’m primarily a lyricist. I am protective of my lyrics, and of my melodies I must concede, but I love to hand those two elements over to other artists and musicians and see how they are enhanced and changed into something different in the hands of a variety of craftsmen.

My Defense has been produced by my dad, Guy Moon, and I felt honored and blessed every day of production to be sharing in the process with him and watching in wonder at the ideas he seems to snatch out of thin air. The musicians who have been a part of the process have each added their own unique flavor, and I have truly loved watching how transforming an effect the parts, and the players, have on my bare bones of a song. My Defense has been a truly collaborative process.

My hope in my music in general, and with this album specifically, is that people would be blessed, would be encouraged, and most importantly would grow in their understanding of how deep and high and great and wide the love of Christ is for them, and how far God’s grace reaches to make a way for us to dwell in that depth and height and width of so great a Love. God truly is good, and has shown Himself in every way to be so!